Let your joy take flight!

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Welcome! I’m Kiki.

I am excited to meet you and to help you love your home again! My passion lies in creating beautiful and uplifting spaces that support daily life. As your partner on this path of transformation, I bring a fun, caring & non-judgmental presence.

I live for everything green & sustainable, from nurturing plants and veggies to chasing sunshine through outdoor adventures. I am a big sister, a former teacher, & forever following my inner child to find humor in life’s everyday situations.

My journey towards intentional living began with a love for collecting & organizing, but it wasn’t until embracing Marie Kondo’s philosophy that I truly understood the transformative power of letting go. My TidyBird mission is all about nurturing personal growth, transforming narratives, and helping clients declutter physically and emotionally. 

Discover the magic of an organized bookshelf! This genre & rainbow-ordered bookshelf makes it a breeze to find the perfect read.

When your surroundings are clutter-free, you’ll experience reduced stress, increased productivity, and a renewed sense of peace.

Organizing eases decision-making, reduces stress, and saves time because you know where things are.

Working with Kiki was a joy. She is a wonderful mix of encouraging and paced. I never felt pressured to be quick or cutthroat in my process. She gingerly kept me going with practical guidance and kindness. Good feelings and practical help, it was incredible. I didn’t anticipate all of the residual good vibes this process would bring.



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